Website aims to tidy graves of loved ones

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THE granddaughter of a Horringer couple has launched a website to help people who, due to distance, are unable to tend the graves of loved ones.

The idea for the unique free service came to Jenny Barsby-Robinson shortly after her grandmother, Annabella Barsby, died.

The former housekeeper of Ickworth House is buried with her late husband Bob at St Leonard’s Church, but Mrs Barsby-Robinson lives in Kent while the rest of her family are scattered around the country.

Mrs Barsby-Robinson said: “The point of the site is that it’s entirely altruistic and no money changes hands - you tend a grave for someone in your area and in return someone will tend a grave for you where they live.

“As Christmas approaches we tend to think of our loved ones who are no longer with us, which is why I’m so happy the site has been launched in time for Christmas.”

Mrs Barsby-Robinson’s best friend tended the grave until she moved to Australia last year and when no-one answered a note asking for help at St Leonard’s Church, the idea for Tendagrave was born.

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