Waste hub talk in Great Barton attracts large crowd

Great Barton village sign
Great Barton village sign
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Around 100 people attended a Great Barton Parish Council meeting on Monday to ‘be brought up to speed’ with the current West Suffolk Operational Hub proposal.

Public affairs consultant Adrian Graves, who is also a resident of Great Barton, gave a detailed presentation which he said contained ‘a lot of technical stuff’ people may not have known about or understood previously.

The Fornhams were also represented at the meeting and Mr Graves said all the parish councils were ‘singing off the same song sheet’ in agreeing a course of action moving forward.

Great Barton chairman Philip Reeve said they made a recommendation to present St Edmundsbury Borough Council with their views on the need for transparency of all comments and objections made in the pre-planning consultation which finished on April 20, as well as the need for ‘all options’ consideration of all available sites, including the railway for long-term sustainability, and their objections to the council pioneering co-locating household waste recycling and waste transfer.