Warning issued to dog owners after reports of parvovirus cases

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Dog owners have been urged to check their pets are vaccinated against canine parvovirus after a Mildenhall veterinary surgery encountered multiple cases.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus spread between dogs by direct or indirect contact with faeces.

The virus can be fatal to unvaccinated dogs, particularly puppies.

Aquarius Veterinary Centre in Mildenhall has said it has recently encountered multiple cases and 14 puppies have died after contracting the virus.

Tracy King practice manager said up-to-date vaccinations protect dogs from the virus.

She urged owners to contact their vets if they are unsure that their pet’s vaccinations are up to date and to ensure they are protected.

Tracy said owners should also be aware that the virus is very difficult to eradicate from an area.

It is not killed by freezing weather, high temperatures or most household disinfectants and can stay in an environment for years.

She said that if the virus has been in a property unvaccinated dogs should not enter.