Voters decide on fate of Babergh and Mid Suffolk

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RESIDENTS in Mid Suffolk and Babergh district councils have voted against merging the two councils but only just.

A poll conducted in both districts has shown that 49.7percent of the 64,069 residents voted yes to a new authority while 50.3 per cent said no.

There needed to be an overall 50 per cent agreement for the proposals to go ahead and now the two councils will continue to share services but will have to look for savings to continue to fund the cost of two authorities.

It is estimated that the two councils will save up to £1 million a year through staff and service integration but will now miss out on a further £800,000 which would have been saved if one single council was created.

Voters in the two districts diverged with 39.1 per cent of the 31,468 Babergh residents voting yes while 60.9 per cent voted no.

In Mid Suffolk, 59.9 per cent of 32,061 residents voted yes and 40.1 per cent voted no.

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