Volunteers train as ‘money coaches’ to help those in need in Bury St Edmunds

Community newsdesk: 01284 757857
Community newsdesk: 01284 757857
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A church in Bury St Edmunds is hoping to reach out to people in financial strife.

Six volunteers at the town’s Christian Resource Centre have trained to become Christians Against Poverty ‘money coaches’.

The facility in Oakes Road, on Bury’s Howard Estate, is now able to run money courses for people who are struggling financially and need to know how to better manage their budgets.

Pastor Sujith Alex, who has also been trained, said: “The estate seemed to have a large number of residents who could use a bit of financial help and, at times, we thought it was a pity that the reason some people were in financial problems was just because they needed some help with how to manage a budget, saving tips here and there, just to get control.

“A lot of people have no idea of their incomings or outgoings and some studies have shown that, where people take control of their finances, they lead happier lives.”

He added: “We’re not financial advisers, there’s a difference between that and money coaches. But, if the level of complexity is beyond us, we can always refer the client to the debt centre where they can seek further help.”

The CRC will provide the courses free of charge. Anyone who feels they could benefit from enrolling should call 01284 761000.

Once a course date has been set, details will be available at www.crcministries.co.uk