Virtual Head Office in Bury St Edmunds set for regional expannsion

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A company offering pay as you go office services has become so successful, that it is about to launch its own franchise business.

Virtual Head Office (VHO) was set up by husband and wife team Baz Green and Lynette Bucknall in 2010.

Baz Green and Lynette Bucknall from Virtual Head Office in Northgate Street, Bury.

Baz Green and Lynette Bucknall from Virtual Head Office in Northgate Street, Bury.

The Bury St Edmunds firm offers admin, telemarketing, accountancy. marketing and telephone answering services to small businesses – which it says works out cheaper than having to employ someone.

Now the couple are franchising the business in Bury and across East Anglia.

“Our franchisees will not have to actually ‘do’ the work themselves as we a have a robust supply chain in place.

“The successful franchisee applicants will concentrate solely on sales and account management to drive their local VHO franchise forward to support small businesses in their area,” said Baz.

Lynette said: “We know that VHO is a tried and tested model which has proved successful in helping small business in Bury to efficiently run their business.

“It’s a great feeling to help a client set up in business, generate their sales and watch them flourish.

“Franchising means not only can we help more small businesses in East Anglia, but that a franchisee will have immense satisfaction in helping a broad range of people.”

The couple already run the successful Office Drinks networking franchise which now operates across East Anglia, London and beyond.

Anyone interestedin taking on a franchise should call 01284 363463 or email

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