Villagers fight to slow down through traffic

Robert Lindsey launched petition to get 20mph speed limit
Robert Lindsey launched petition to get 20mph speed limit
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A GROUP of Bildeston villagers have taken action to slow down traffic on their roads.

More than 200 villagers have signed a petition calling for a 20mph speed restriction on the High Street - a stretch of the B1115 which passes through their village.

They are fed up of a growing number of cars and lorries ‘thundering’ past their homes.

Robert Lindsay, who lives on the road and helped to organise the petition, said: “Thirty is just too fast to be driving through this village.

“The pavement from our house to the school, at the other end of the village, is barely wide enough for one person. Walking our children to school is a daily nightmare.”

At a meeting on Monday, villagers asked Bildeston Parish Council to back their campaign to reduce the speed limit.

The parish council has now set up a working group, including some who have signed the petition, to look at ways to slow traffic through the village.

Suffolk county councillor Jeremy Pembroke told those at the meeting that there is no budget for traffic calming.

He told villagers that he could use some of his individual budget to improve his constituents’ quality of life if the parish council agreed. Without parish council support the 20mph limit would not be put in place.

But some villagers have said that the traffic problems are making them question their move to Bildeston.

Resident Tom Power said that as a pedestrian it is ‘intimidating’ when lorry wing mirrors pass just ‘inches’ from you.