Village’s time capsule is a ‘lasting legacy’

Wetherden History Group have created a time capsule. It will be opened no sooner than 2063
Wetherden History Group have created a time capsule. It will be opened no sooner than 2063
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Wetherden History Group has saved a snapshot of village life to show future generations.

The group, which formed almost five years ago, has created a time capsule to be opened in 2065 – 50 years from now.

Chairman John Humphreys said the project would create a lasting legacy for Wetherden.

He said: “It contains a whole range of things we think will be of interest when they open it in 2063.

“It is a sealed glass container inside a box made of ash made by Alan Corden who lives in the village – woodwork is his hobby.

“Last year, when it was the jubilee year, as a village we didn’t have anything from a long-term point of view to mark it.

“We did a tea in the village hall and a bonfire in the evening but didn’t have something that would stand the test of time.

“As a history group we sat down and said ‘what can we do that is a bit more memorable for a jubilee year?’.

“You can plant an oak tree or put up a plaque but we wanted something that would help show people what it was like in Wetherden today.”

John said the role of Wetherden History Group wasn’t just to look at the past, but also to record the present for future villagers.

He said; “As a history group we are very keen to look back but are very aware we need to record what is happening now as well.

“If we don’t record today’s history who is going to record it?

“It is a wonderful way of taking a snapshot of Wetherden today.

“At the time we came up with the idea of the capsule the bell ringers in the village came up with the idea of a new clock as well.

“All of a sudden we had two great ideas and have ended up with two great pieces of memorabilia.”

The village time capsule will be kept in the parish church under the watchful eye of the rector, David Swales.

“It will be kept in the church – but we will keep its exact location a secret.

“We don’t want people trying to take a peek before it’s ready.”