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Village Focus - Mendlesham
Village Focus - Mendlesham
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A new football pitch is being laid in the bustling village of Mendlesham after the Parish Council bought four acres of land for the project.

With grant funding from Sports England, Mid Suffolk District Council, Suffolk County Council, the parish council and local village charities, work on the field is now underway.

Village Focus - Mendlesham''Pictured: Village sign

Village Focus - Mendlesham''Pictured: Village sign

Parish Council Chairman Helen Orton said they were always looking to improve the village.

“It is about building on what we have,” she said.

“We want it to be a village which people want to move to with services that can be sustainable.

“We are quite a dynamic group really.

Village Focus - Mendlesham''Pictured: The Church of St Mary the Virgin

Village Focus - Mendlesham''Pictured: The Church of St Mary the Virgin

“We are a very forward looking parish council that doesn’t just drift along - we look for opportunities to improve things.”

The council have plans to set up a cricket pitch and more facilities on the land it owns to the rear of the village’s community centre as part of a 10 year plan.

“He have bought the land and want to increase the supporting facilities.

“It is all about doing things in stages.”

In 2008 an internet cafe was set up in the village with plans to expend in the future.

Last year Mendlesham came runner up in the Creating a Greenest County Awards for the intelligent LED street lighting system the parish council set up.

Now the parish council are developing a neighbourhood plan, the first in Mid Suffolk to do so.

The aim of the plan is to ensure there is enough affordable housing on any new development in the village, to make sure services such as shops, schools and transport links are sustainable and to further develop the community’s facilities.

The plan also aims to encourage business and employment and preserve the historic, rural and environmental areas of the parish.

A community minded village, Mendlesham also hosts a parish party every February run by volunteers.

As part of the party, which has been going for 60 years, anyone over 65 in the village is treated to a three course lunch.

Villagers who cannot make it down to the party have their meals delivered to their door.

Helen said she felt lucky to live in Mendlesham.

She said: “The thing that has become clear is that with young people that grew up in the village, increasingly we see them return when they have their own family.

They seethe village as a safe, healthy and happy place to live.

“It is a great compliment.”

This weekend is Mendlesham’s big summer festival.

The fun begins this evening at 7.30pm with a sung mass and the blessing of a special beer brewed for the festival ‘Mendleshams Best’ at St Mary and the Virgin Church. A fireworks display follws at 9.20pm.

Saturday sees a Last Night of the Proms style concert in the church froi 7.30pm.

On Sunday from 1.30pm the Brandiston Pickles are headlining a 1930s style afternoon of jazz.

All money raised from the festival will be going towards restoring the village’s church.