Village keeps on growing

Red Lodge Village Sign
Red Lodge Village Sign
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The population of Red Lodge has grown dramatically during the last five years as new housing bought both people and amenities.

Facilities including a state-of-the-art primary school and sports pavilion have opened to serve the large community and local groups are keen to see more facilities created.

Carol Downs, vice chairman of Red Lodge Parish Council, said: “It’s a lovely place to live and up and coming, the community is working well together.”

A community group has been working to have a skate park built in the village for more than a decade.

Last week parish councillors agreed that pending noise assessment a planning application would be entered for the construction of the skate park to the rear of a field adjacent to the pavilion.

St Christopher’s CEVC Primary School, which opened last September, was specially designed to have a low carbon footprint.

It features a cross laminated timber frame, high levels of insulation, a biomass boiler and classrooms sited for maximum natural daylight.

Students were involved in the design and choose features including the stained glass windows in the school hall.

Not everything in the village is brand new and the conservation of areas of beauty is also a priority for the Red Lodge Conservation Group.

Since 1997 the group have striven to improve the village’s heath and have seen the area fenced off and pedestrian gates installed.

Grants from County Councillor Lisa Chambers and District Councillor Andy Drummond have helped the group to widen paths across the heath and they intend to continue making improvements to benefit wildlife, foliage and users of the heath.

Red Lodge’s amenities will soon include six long-awaited shops.

Construction of the village centre on the Kings Warren development began in February.

A pharmacy and lettings agents have been the first occupants to be named and it is hoped the units will be completed by July.