Village Focus: Community spirit endures in Culford

Culford village feature pictures.
Culford village feature pictures.
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Parish councillors plan to meet with business bosses to help find a solution to ongoing concerns about the number and speed of lorries passing through Culford.

Culford, West Stow and Wordwell Parish Council want to invite owners of company’s behind the HGVs, which use the B1106 and surrounding country roads , to try to mitigate some of the problems.

Residents in Culford and West Stow have complained that lorries have been using the narrow country roads despite signs saying they are unsuitable. A parish meeting was held over the issue last week.

Joy Childs, chairman of the parish council, said: “We want to gradually sort this out without any unpleasantness.”

It is a sign of the deep community spirit which runs through Culford like its lynchpin The Street, which the village is based around.

One of its greatest assets is Culford School, which is based at a former stately home in Culford Park.

Mrs Childs said: “The park is wonderful and the headmaster is extremely kind with the way he allows people to use it. We try to keep a good relationship between the school and village.”

The parish church is also in the park and residents can use the school’s Sports and Tennis Centre.

Meanwhile, the Village Hall is used regularly by local groups including the Twins Club and Indoor Bowls.

Mrs Childs explained: “We’re trying to bring it upto the likes of Great Barton and Horringer. The kitchen needed refurbishing and there’s the odd repairs to the floor.It’s a lot of hardwork to raise money but we’re getting there. We’ve got a very good village hall committee.”

Despite having no post office or pub, there is a village club which is open in the evenings.

Mrs Childs added: “It’s a real community effort to keep things ticking along. We’ve lived here 43 years and it’s changed. When we came there weren’t any street lights and the footpaths weren’t made like they are today.

“It’s a very nice village.”