Vigilance warning for loan scams

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A WOMAN who fell foul of a personal loan scam is warning residents to be on their guard of phone calls from fraudsters.

The West Suffolk resident, who wishes to be identified as Lisa, lost £110 after sending over a code for an online voucher as a fee for someone who contacted her by phone promising a loan.

Instead of receiving the money within 15 minutes as agreed, which she needed to buy furniture, Lisa was instead asked to pay an additional £295 in voucher form.

She refused, contacted the police and is now warning residents not to fall prey to such schemes.

She said: “I feel absolutely gutted and stupid that I fell for it. They’re very crafty and I just don’t want anyone else to fall for it.

“The company has been harassing me with over 20 calls a day, emptied my bank account and left me nervous of borrowing from other providers.”

Suffolk Police have received details of similar incidents from residents and are also urging people not to provide personal information to cold callers.

Lisa had given over a code for a Ukash voucher, which can be bought from high street shops with cash and spent online using the code rather than providing bank or credit card details.

A police spokesman said: “They are never genuinely used as advance fee payment for loans or other similar products. They are simply designed for the purchase of goods from the internet or other retailers.

“Anyone offering a genuine loan will not ask for a cash payment up front for the service.

“Fraudsters will try anything to get you to part with your cash so if you receive any unsolicited calls from people asking you for cash or voucher details then please do not give it to them.”

For further details and security advice about the vouchers, visit or contact the police on 101.