VIDEO: River Linnet bursts its banks flooding houses

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The River Linnet has burst its banks flooding 14 homes in Gardiner Close, Bury St Edmunds.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue is on the scene, assisting residents affected.

Flooding in Gardiner Close

Flooding in Gardiner Close

Steve Mableson, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service’s station commander at Bury, said: “The River Linnet has broken its banks and flooded the local area involving some 14 houses surrounded by water, some may also be flooded.

“We are going to assist the local residents with some sandbagging but are unable to pump the water out as the local area is awash.

“At this stage we are trying to ascertain whether flood levels are likely to increase which will have an impact on what action we take next. To do that we have contacted the local authority and Environment Agency to look at the water level control on the River Linnet further down stream.”

Gardiner Close resident, Trever Bird, said: “It started about 8am this morning but flooded fairly quickly, within the hour. We’ve had it happen here before but not as bad as this. It’s in my garage, my garden and in my neighbour’s conservatory.”

Flooding in Gardiner Close, Bury St Edmunds

Flooding in Gardiner Close, Bury St Edmunds

David Sadler’s house has also been affected. He said: “We have been using sandbags to try and keep the water out of the house. Usually we see the waters creeping up but this happened all of a sudden.

“My garden and conservatory have been flooded, I think the fish have escaped from the pond, but this is nothing compared to what people in the West are going through. It makes you really sympathise with them.”

Sarah Stamp, County Councillor for Hardwick, said: “My thoughts go out to all those families who were affected by yesterday’s flooding. Well done to the Joint Emergency Planning Unit Liaison Officer, Fire Service and the Environment Agency, all of whom reacted swiftly and professionally and helped those who needed it.

“The biggest thanks I have, however, is for the many people in the community who turned up to support their neighbours and demonstrated yet again, the community spirit that makes the Horringer Court Estate such a special place.”

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