UPDATED: Days-old foal left to die in Thetford Forest

The orphan foal soon after it was foiund in Thetford Forest

A weak days-old foal found abandoned in Thetford Forest is now improving in the care of World Horse Welfare

The Snetterton-based charity is now calling for information after the colt foal was found dumped and left to die in Thetford Forest over last weekend.

The orphan foal resting at World Horse Welfare

They have named him Bill and say he is getting stronger but was incredibly weak and struggling to survive alone with no signs of his mother or an owner when he was spotted by a local farmer in Thetford Forest.

World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Jacko Jackson, who co-ordinated his rescue, said: “This is a sad case of a very young foal – less than a week old – being dumped and left to fend for himself at the time of his life when he is at his weakest and needs to be receiving vital care and feed from his mother.

“When a foal is born, it is vital that he or she receives the colostrum from their mother over the first 24 hours as it contains antibodies that help protect the new-born from illness and disease as well as having a high nutrition value to give them the best start to their young life.

“We have no idea if this foal has received any colostrum so at the moment his prognosis is quite guarded but he is bottle feeding well and we will just have to see how he progresses over the next few days.

The orphan foal being bottle fed at World Horse Welfare

“I would urge anyone with information about this young foal or who might have seen anything suspicious over the weekend in the Thetford Forest area to get in touch and try to help us locate the person who has left him in this terrible situation.”

A spokeswoman for World Horse Welfare said on Tuesday: “Early signs are very positive for his future and he is definitely a big hit with both staff and visitors to our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.”

Anyone with any information or who may have seen anything suspicious in the area where the colt foal was dumped should call World Horse Welfare’s welfare line on: 08000 480 180 or the RSPCA 24/7 Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999.

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