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UPDATED: Bury St Edmunds rehab centre told to improve by CQC


A Bury St Edmunds addiction treatment centre has been told to improve by a health watchdog after it failed to meet a number of legal requirements.

Focus12, in Risbygate Street, had an unannounced inspection in March from the Care Quality Commission which received concerns about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity.

Bosses at the charity say they accept the CQC’s findings and had ‘already begun a major change and review’ of the centre’s policies and procedures.

In a report published this week, the CQC said ‘management arrangements for frontline staff were not robust’ and the charity ‘did not ensure there were adequate, reporting and learning from incidents’.

The watchdog noted one incident in which two clients were drinking, allowed to remain in a property unsupervised and staff ‘had not intervened appropriately at the time’. Measures were ‘put in place to prevent this from reoccurring’.

However, there was ‘no evidence of lessons learnt within the service, or being discussed and cascaded to front line staff’.

There was ‘no agreed mandatory training for staff’ and the CQC ‘could not be assured they had the basic skills required to fulfil their role’.

Focus12 ‘did not ensure the proper and safe management of medication and the safe disposal of clinical waste’.

CQC inspectors said the ‘medication fridge key was lost and was unlocked with prescribed items stored in’.

It found that ‘parts of the environment were not clean’ and ‘there was not an effective system in place to maintain cleanliness’.

The charity ‘did not ensure that all people working in the service had an up to date DBS (disclosure and barring system) check’.

Focus12 was told to send the CQC a report on the action it is taking to meet legal requirements which had been breached.

These included ensuring infection prevention and control audits were carried out and that there was a ‘robust system for incident reporting, reviewing, learning and feeding this back to staff’.

The CQC found ‘areas of good practice’ and noted that ‘clients spoke highly of staff, they felt passionate about the support and treatment they received, and they were complimentary about the manager’.

Staff had also ‘completed initial brief risk assessments by telephone as part of the admissions process’.

Tony Kimber, chief executive of Focus12, said: “We are delighted with the good practice findings, especially as these all relate to independent client feedback and an assurance that clients feel safe, valued, listened to, well cared for and that we are positively changing their lives.

“However, the criticisms were justified. We had already begun a major change and review of all our policies and standard operating procedures and if the unannounced inspection had have come in June rather than March I think they would have found a vastly different picture.

“A new programme of mandatory staff training was being implemented, policies were being reviewed and amended, and new ones written to ensure we are compliant in all areas.

“We have been forced to make changes to our clinical supervision provision and this is now kicking in.

“We’ve tightened up our lone working, night working and medication dispensing procedures so that what we do and have always done is actually documented correctly.

“There are some areas where we feel we were doing what they wanted, but the simple fact is if it’s not correctly documented they have to be sceptical and report it so we hold our hands up on that and say we’ll get it sorted.

“The prescription medications in our fridge had to be refrigerated, were sent in error for a client who had left a couple of weeks before and had arrived about ten minutes before the CQC that morning. They were there whilst we arranged return to pharmacy.

“The CQC have been extremely helpful in providing us with sources of reference to enable us to ensure what we do and how we document it meets best practice and we are preparing a full report to get back to them detailing everything we’re doing by the end of this month.”

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