UPDATE: Girl rescued from waist-high mud at disused quarry pit in Badwell Ash was ‘extremely brave’

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Latest news from the Bury Free Press
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A 12-year-old girl rescued from a mud pit at a disused quarry in Badwell Ash yesterday has been described as ‘extremely brave’.

The girl had become trapped up to her waste in the mud pool - which creates suction around a person - and was released by crews from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews were called to a disused quarry in Back Lane, at 7.11pm.

Volunteer doctor Andy Mason from Suffolk Accident and Rescue Service (SARS) attended the quarry which he said was about 30 metres deep and 20 metres across with several mud pools at the bottom.

He said: “I have being doing this for 40 years and I have never dealt with anything like that before.

“Some children had been playing in the disused quarry. The girl got into difficulties and slowly started to disappear into the mud.

“She was extremely brave. She was 12 years old and she did not cry. She did exactly what the fire service asked her to do. After about 45 minutes they were able to pull her out to a great cheer from all the people there.”

Dr Mason said the young girl suffered bruises and was cold after being released from the pool. She was checked over in an ambulance but did not require hospital treatment.