Twelve-year-old held knife to girl’s throat

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A TWELVE-year-old boy who held a knife to a six-year-old girl’s throat, threatening to kill her, has been given a final warning by police.

The girl and a six-year-old boy were both threatened while they were in a play area on the field off St Olaves Road on the Howard Estate in Bury St Edmunds.

The girl’s father said: “It has affected her, she woke up the other night saying she had a bad dream in which he cut her head off.

“She won’t go near that play area anymore.”

The parents of both victims have accused the police of not taking the matter seriously enough and of failing to keep them informed of how it was being dealt with.

The girl’s father said it took police 28 hours before they took a statement from them.

“I’m disgusted with the way we have been treated,” he said.

The knife incident happened on September 2, and on Friday Police held a meeting with the 12-year-old’s family to decide on what action should be taken.

“Youth offending specialists are working closely with the offender and his family to implement an intervention plan that is tailored to the boy’s specific needs,” a Suffolk Police spokesman said.

“In this incident, a number of parties were consulted before a final decision on how best to deal with the offender was made.

“A victim officer will be keeping the families concerned up-to-date on the outcome of the police investigation.”

In response to the parents’ criticism, the police spokesman said: “The investigating officer responded quickly to this incident, following up on calls from all concerned parties in a timely manner and conducted a proper investigation.”