TV archaeologist from Woolpit to fight Bury St Edmunds seat for Greens at general election

Dr Helen Geake ANL-140511-135709001
Dr Helen Geake ANL-140511-135709001
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A TV archaeologist from Woolpit will fight for the Green Party in Bury St Edmunds at next year’s general election.

Dr Helen Geake, who appeared as an expert and presenter on Channel 4’s Time Team for six years, says there is an appetite for ‘something different’ as the ‘main parties are indistinguishable from each other’.

The mum of three said being an archaeologist enabled her to take the long view of history which ‘allows us to use past experience to build a better world with fairness and prosperity for everyone’.

“I decided to stand for the Green Party because as a parent I have also become increasingly conscious of the future and the state of the world we will hand onto our descendants, Dr Geake said.

She has lived in Woolpit for the last 12 years and a couple of years in Bury before that.

Her priorities for the town include affordable and sustainable housing, maintaining communities and transport.

She credits Time Team and host Tony Robinson, who is a staunch Labour supporter, for helping her get into politics.

She said: “All the pub conversation was about politics.The main parties are indistinguishable from each other and the rise of UKIP has made people think it isn’t a matter of the same old people again and again. It might turn into something rather different.”

Dr Geake was a member of the ruling council of Rescue, a campaigning organisation for the archaeological environment, and led a successful campaign to prevent the demolition of Woolpit Methodist Chapel.