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Triplets start school after tough times

Mum Clare Sansom with Ross, Eden and Nial. Picture: Mecha Morton.
Mum Clare Sansom with Ross, Eden and Nial. Picture: Mecha Morton.

Identical triplet boys are set to start school on Monday against the odds.

Eden, Nial and Ross Sansom from Mildenhall can’t wait to join their older brother, Rhys at St Mary’s Church of England Academy, but they have had a tough first four years of their life, with various trips back and forth to hospital.

Their mum, Clare Sansom, a senior nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, said: “I am excited for them, I know they’re very ready. This is the next step, I am apprehensive for a couple of reasons. It is a start of a new phase in their life, they are not babies any more.”

The triplets aged four, currently attend Greenhays nursery in Red Lodge.

The chances of having natural identical triplets is 20 million to one.

Eden, Nial and Ross when born, were all in intensive care for eight weeks, two of the boys having collapsed lungs and the other contracting meningitis.

Clare said: “They were all born with different complications. Nial had to have an operation as he was born with no tear duct and had grommets put in.”

The boys suffer from chest problems which worsens in winter months with the weather and they are more receptive to contracting chest related illnesses, due to having lung scarring after birth.

Clare said: “They are very very excited, they are currently at nursery school and desperate to go to school with their big brother. If one of the boys is unwell and has to stay at home, the others won’t want to go to nursery school and will say ‘I’m so worried about my brother’.”

The three boys will all wear different coloured polo tops underneath their school jumper at school so that the teachers will be able to tell the identical brothers apart.

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