Simon achieves life long goal

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A Bury St Edmunds ultra 
triathlete has achieved a life long goal after being crowned a world champion in an 
extreme sporting event.

Simon Bourne, of Eastgate Street, was named the World Decatriathlon Champion after taking part in one of the world’s toughest races in Mexico.

The 49-year-old was the first across the finish after 278.51 hours battling extreme sleep deprivation, blisters, sores and mental fatigue.

It involved a 24 mile swim, a 1,100 mile cycle ride and a 260 mile run - completed in a 50m pool and a 1km track in soaring 100 degree temperatures.

The event is time managed by the competitors so they rest when they need.

However, to be competitive sleep would only be for two hour intervals before racing again.

Mr Bourne said: “I’m absolutely ecstatic because I’ve lived for this race for the past seven years.”

He trained for the race, which was held in Monterrey, on the former Olympic park, while working as a full time police officer in Haverhill and would ride and run to work from his home on a daily basis for training.

Mr Bourne is a Bury St Edmunds Sports Ambassador sponsored by Abbeycroft Leisure.

They have provided him with training facilities and he will assist with promotion and helping to inspire others.

He is now looking into going into coaching and motivational speaking to encourage others.