Trees used as ‘ashtrays’

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CONCERNS have been raised over West Suffolk Hospital staff and visitors allegedly littering a nearby beauty spot with cigarette stubs.

Dog walker Sandie Taylor, of Holywell Close, Bury St Edmunds, says the trees and ground at Hardwick Heath are being used as ‘ashtrays’.

Staff and visitors use the site as the hospital operates a smoke free policy.

Mrs Taylor said: “The mess that they leave behind is horrible. There are trees that have lost their branches and they’re using those as ashtrays and it just looks disgusting.”

A spokesman for the hospital said: “We’re in complete agreement that the cigarette stubs on Hardwick Heath are far from pleasant.

“We have regularly reminded staff of the the need to smoke off site and dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly in the bins provided by the council.”

A spokesman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council added: “All our parks are visited at frequent intervals by our cleansing and maintenance teams and, as with all smokers, we would be grateful if they didn’t dump their fag butts on site for our staff to have to clear up.”