Travellers return to ‘temporary winter’ site in Bury St Edmunds

Travellers at Orttewell Road, Bury St Edmunds ANL-140422-114727001
Travellers at Orttewell Road, Bury St Edmunds ANL-140422-114727001
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Travellers have returned to land in Bury St Edmunds which was previously given to them as a place to temporarily stay over the winter months.

Several caravans pitched up on the Orttewell Road site over the weekend - just weeks after they vacated the land which was subject to a temporary toleration agreement.

Suffolk County Council owns the land and it is working with St Edmundsbury Borough Council to deal with the situation.

St Edmundsbury was granted pre-emptive injunctions by the High Court to prevent travellers from illegally camping on council-owned town centre car parks and Moreton Hall open spaces.

However, the Orttewell Road site is not covered by an injunction.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the borough council said: “We’re working with a group of travellers local to the Bury area.

“Our purpose is to avoid unauthorised encampments by helping identify land they can use as a premanent private site.”

On the Orttewell Road site, she added: “We are now using all the legal avenues available to us through the Suffolk Protocol for Managing Unauthorised Encampments. The process starts with a welfare visit to assess circumstances and inform a partner meeting to discuss options.”