Travellers move to new site on Moreton Hall

Travellers set up camp on the Bartons, Moreton Hall, Bury.
Travellers set up camp on the Bartons, Moreton Hall, Bury.
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For three weeks a group of travellers has been moving around car parks and open spaces on Moreton Hall.

At the weekend the majority of the group, which has grown from 16 to 18 caravans, left Pond Grove Close for the council-owned Moreton Hall football pitch at Heldhaw Road.

A spokeswoman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council said: “The council is acting within the law to evict this unauthorised encampment. We are also working with the police.

“This morning we advised the travellers that their occupation of the site is unauthorised and that the council would be pursuing the necessary action to have them removed if they did not comply with the request to quit.

“We have arranged a welfare visit tomorrow morning to make sure that the impact on both travellers and residents is considered.

“We are talking to the group to highlight the impact their presence is having on the settled community and encouraging them to move.

She added: “We will continue with the court action to get a section 78 notice on Pond Grove Close, which will prevent return within three months, and allow us to clear the two remaining caravans.”