Travellers move on, leaving mess

Dog walkers on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall
Dog walkers on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall
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A group of travellers that had been illegally encamped on a recreational space on Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds, moved on this week – leaving evidence of their stay behind.

On Monday night, the group on Ten Acre Field, off Symonds Road, left Moreton Hall for a site in Felixstowe.

Rubbish left on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall

Rubbish left on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall

Residents were ‘relieved’ following complaints of a number of incidents, including confrontations with large vehicles being driven on public footpaths to access the site – deemed ‘low risk’ by police.

On Tuesday, dog walkers remained cautious after council workers clearing rubbish from the site warned of large amounts of broken glass.

“This is the only place we can let the dogs off the lead because it’s not near the road, but we haven’t been able to for a fortnight,” said Eileen Hutchings.

Barrie Jones said: “It’s just sad they left so much rot behind. I think what they’ve proved is why no-one wants them as neighbours. They’re their own worst enemies.”

Rubbish on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall

Rubbish on Ten Acre Field, Moreton Hall

Karen Richards, who has used the field for more than 10 years, was ‘appalled’ by the mess.

She said: “If the council hadn’t been coming up every day, I shudder to think what it would be like.”

Margery Palmer added: “The council workers have done a great job. I know they get paid for what they do but they’ve been doing it for months and they should get thanks.”

The travellers had previously occupied sites off Heldhaw Road, Barton Road and Symonds Road.

Cllr Frank Warby said he was ‘disappointed’ with the mess, which had taken hours to clear up.

“It’ll take a lot longer for the environment to recover and to clear the human excrement around the field,” he said.

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said he would be raising the issue of travellers with Chief Constable Douglas Paxton at a meeting tomorrow.

He said no group in society should be exempt from behaving and added that he found littering ‘deeply offensive’.