Lorry crash drama after wasp sting

RTA - Lorry crashed into a house on Holderness Road
RTA - Lorry crashed into a house on Holderness Road
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A DRIVER escaped unscathed when his lorry ploughed into a house after he was stung by a wasp.

Andrew Denny, 49, who is allergic to wasp stings, passed out and collided with the derelict building as he left the British Sugar Factory, in Bury St Edmunds.

A telegraph pole and tree cushioned the impact and the haulier emerged ‘without a scratch’ from the incident on Tuesday afternoon.

He said: “I’ve never had a reaction like that before.

“The main thing is that no-one was injured. It was quite fortunate. The police aren’t taking it any further. They said I was doing about two miles an hour.”

Mr Denny, director of haulage firm A.C Denny, based in Hitcham, had just delivered sugar beet to the factory when he was stung by the wasp.

He blacked out and the vehicle went into the house, in Holderness Road.

Paramedics and firefighters, who were alerted to the incident with police at 12.05pm, found him unconscious in the cabin and he received medication to bring him around before being taken to West Suffolk Hospital.

Crew commander Steve Morgan, who is based at Bury Fire Station, said: “There was no structural damage to the house. The lorry had touched the brickwork but a telegraph pole and tree cushioned the impact.

“He walked out of the cab himself and we aided him to the stretcher.”

Mr Denny has since received medication to help protect himself from stings in the future.