Death fear on road to hospital

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POLICE have promised to look into road safety worries at a junction which leads on to the busy approach road to West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

Staff working in NHS offices in Ickworth Drive claim motorists are parking across or too near its junction with Hospital Road, making it dangerous to exit.

They say the area needs yellow lines, should be patrolled by wardens and drivers are even leaving cars parked in front of a bus stop.

Kim Foster, who works in the offices of the Suffolk Eating Disorders Service, described the junction as ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Colleague Phyllis Anderson said: “Does someone need to die before something is done? Perhaps an injured child from Westgate Primary School?”

The road leading to Westgate Community Primary, Brookland Close, is almost directly opposite Ickworth Drive, but headeacher Howard Lee, felt most pupils, aged up to nine years old, were brought by parents and not in danger.

A Police spokesman said: “The Safer Neighbourhood Team will have a look and deal with any issues. If vehicles are found parked illegally, contrary to regulations or obstructing the highway, officers will give advice or a fixed penalty notice.”

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said it had regular meetings with West Suffolk Hospital about staff parking on roads surrounding Ickworth Drive and Rembrant Way, as well as Hospital Road.

The hospital had a travel plan: Spaces, funded by the hospital, were available at the Rugby Club on Rougham Road, so staff could park there. A shuttle bus takes staff to work. The cycle park has been increased and one day a week, no staff were allowed to park on site. The council will meet hospital officials soon to see if yellow lines are needed.