Traffic lights return to Bury’s bridge of sighs

Two way traffic begins to flow over Bury's Westley Rail Bridge on April 7 for the first time in 40 months

Temporary traffic lights and lane closures will return to Bury St Edmunds’ Westley Rail Bridge again next week.

The bridge, which reopened in April after 40 months of traffic light control and closures due to problems with strengthening works, will again see lane closures and temporary lights from Monday to Friday for work on signs and lines between the roundabout and town side of the bridge.

On the same days there will also be lane restrictions on the A14 westbound exit sliproad between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

The sorry saga of the Bury St Edmunds bridge began in December 2013 when it was restricted to single lane traffic after the road bed was found to be weak.

There followed three years of work that was as stop-go as the traffic queues while Network Rail and Suffolk County Council’s contractors tried to find working times to suit both and to get a scaffolding scheme agreed.

It then closed completely for eight weeks on February 13 and reopened on the evening of April 7, by which time it had taken two months longer than it took to build the Queen Elizabeth Bridge over the Thames at Dartford.

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