Town councillor quits after row

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A TOWN councillor has resigned after just three months in the job after a dispute over a major decision.

Brandon Town councillor Tim Kent, who was elected in May, has stepped down after proposals were made to delay a presentation on the future of Brandon Country Park.

Mr Kent, who is on the council’s committee concerned with the park, was not informed of the meeting’s potential change of date until Tuesday.

He felt that Geoff Hughes, town council chairman, had made the proposals without consultation.

“This is a really major issue for the town that I think should have been discussed at Monday’s council meeting.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened and I think there’s a reluctance for councillors to stay late at meetings, even if what is being discussed is productive,” he said.

Mr Kent also felt there was a split in the council between newer councillors and longer-serving counterparts.

“I have seen personalities clash in meetings and I’m not sure that some of the old guard can see the wood for the trees.

“I don’t want the council to be a battle, I want it to be something where we work together,” he said.

Mr Hughes denied there was a split in the council and said the Brandon Country Park decision was of huge importance to the town.

“I’ve proposed that we move the presentation to an extraordinary meeting the following week because it’s too big an issue to deal with in amongst all the other town’s business.

“I think there are always problems when you get new councillors who are unaware of procedure and want things done quickly,” he said.

Mr Hughes proposal will be put forward at the town council’s meeting on Monday.

A replacement for Mr Kent will now be sought, with the potential for a by-election should more than one candidate be put forward.