Town centre’s ‘alleyway of shameful litter’

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AN ALLEYWAY in the middle of a town centre has become an ‘eyesore’, with a collection of broken glass bottles and litter greeting anyone who uses it.

The path, which runs between W H Smith and a vacant store in Bury St Edmunds, links The Cornhill with St Andrew’s Street South.

Rubbish down the alleyway that runs alongside WH Smiths in Bury.

Rubbish down the alleyway that runs alongside WH Smiths in Bury.

Boots owns the top half, which leads out towards the arc shopping centre, and Hermes owns the bottom half, which leads on to The Cornhill. Hermes is also believed to own an area behind the former Burton store, where there are piles of rubbish.

“It’s disgusting,” said Margaret Hooper, from Lawshall.

Her husband Bob, who regularly uses the alley, said: “It’s terrible. On a Wednesday after the market they sweep up the town but they never clear this up.”

A spokeswoman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council said that for years the council had written to the two owners asking them to take action and had itself stepped in to clear the ‘nuisance’ from time-to-time.

She added: “We can serve a litter compliance order on businesses but we like to work with companies to sort out their problems.”

Cllr Frank Warby said: “It’s an eyesore in the middle of a historic town where people are passing from the old to the new.

“It’s an environmental health issue and needs sorting out.”

Neither Boots or Hermes were available to comment.