Torchbearer carries the Flame in front of family

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TORCHBEARER Aaron Bettony had an exciting day carrying the Olympic Torch watched by his friends and family, including his proud mum who nominated him.

Aaron, 13, of Red Lodge, was nominated to carry the Torch by his mum, who had been left deeply impressed by the way he had coped with his recovery after a road accident that left him with a cracked skull and having to re-learn how to walk.

Sfter carrying the torch in Aylsham, North Norfolk, Aaron said: “It was exciting. I ran with it and there were lots of people there – I got on the bus afterwards and I had to sit down because of the adrenaline.

“I’ve got the Torch - it’s a sentimental piece of memorabilia.”

Fifteen of Aaron’s school friends went to watch him carry the torch, as well as his family, including his grandparents.

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