Topless surprise in Tiger Woods game

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A WOMAN who bought a PlayStation for her partner’s birthday was shocked to find her computer image stripped down to nothing but hotpants.

In November, Jo Eley, 26, from Winthrop Road, in Bury St Edmunds, bought a PlayStation with games and a controller for her partner, Nathan Oliver.

Mr Oliver, 27, set up his profile in the Tiger Woods PGA 11 game straight away, but Miss Eley set hers up a few weeks later using face mapping technology to create a computer profile with similar facial features to her own.

And, as the game allows, she bought new clothes with the points that she collected – beige trousers and a purple T-shirt.

Having played the game, dressed, several times a week, she and Mr Oliver were shocked when two weeks ago her profile appeared naked, except for some white hotpants.

The couple, who have a seven-month-old daughter, believe a programmer created the ‘naked glitch’ in response to Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal in 2009.

Miss Eley said: “When it first happened we were laughing to each other. We’ve turned the computer on and off and every now and again she has clothes on, but more often than not she’s naked. It still makes us chuckle, but what about people whose children are old enough to understand it?”

A spokesman for Electronic Arts, the company that makes the game, said: “This fault seems to be a one off.”

He added: “We have extensively investigated and have determined that this situation is not possible through a retail copy of the game. The player model is clearly modified as a result of hacking the game code.”

Miss Eley, a hairdresser, finds the idea that she could have hacked the game ‘ridiculous’ but she is curious about whether it could have happened while her PlayStation was connected to the internet.