Top 3 spot for Bury St Edmunds waste guru

Karen Cannard
Karen Cannard
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Bury Free Press columnist Karen Cannard has made the top three ‘most influential people in waste’ in a list of 100 names.

Karen, a mother-of-two from Bury St Edmunds, appears third on this year’s Resource Magazine’s #Hot100 Most Influential People in the Waste Industry for ‘her boundless enthusiasm for slimming bins’.

“It is fantastic to have this recognition,” said Karen, a blogger who began helping others reduce their waste after starting The Rubbish Diet in 2008 and slimming her bin to a plaster.

She added: “Our online Rubbish Diet community continues to grow from strength to strength. The diet is so deceptively easy, and makes such a disproportionate impact on your waste, that it is in effect a really simple way to deliver a lifestyle makeover.”

In 2013, Karen teamed up with social enterprise Cwm Harry to help people spread the waste reduction message in their communities. The project now enjoys funding from Nesta and the West London Waste Authority.

Dr Katy Anderson, zero waste development manager at Cwm Harry, said: “More and more people are accessing us through Facebook and Twitter via mobile apps. The ability for people to curate their own newsfeed, rather than passively consume mainstream media has been a huge boon for us, and we are constantly striving to ensure that our communications engage.”

To sign-up to the diet, visit