Together for 60 years after meeting at a village play

Jim and  Ethel Lebbon
Jim and Ethel Lebbon
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Ethel Lebbon cannot remember what play she saw at Cockfield Village Hall when she met husband Jim, but it was more than 60 years ago.

That chance meeting with the boy from Hawstead led to marriage 60 years ago today at Cockfield church.

Ethel,81, said: “It was a long way to bike over every night, but he did.”

Ethel had moved to Suffolk from Wales at 14 but Jim, 82, was from Hawstead, where they still live.

Jim then worked on Maurice Wright’s farm, from where he went to Greene King, Howard Rotorvators and Swallows before becoming a gardener. They have one daughter, Yvonne Clark, and two grandchildren.

For a long marriage, Ethel advises: “If you argue, don’t sulk. Just have your say and that’s it.”