Thrillers that helped Darren handle stress

Darren Parker has had two dark thrillers published
Darren Parker has had two dark thrillers published
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Writing was Darren Barker’s way of unwinding when his wife, premature daughter and late mother were in hospital at the same time.

Darren, from Great Barton, had short stories published years ago but started writing his first book, Watching Twenty Four Seven, seven years ago. It was published in February and his second book Death is Coming has just come out.

“I started writing as my way of de-stressing,” he said. “I just passed it around and friends read it and a couple said ‘why not release them?’

Darren got both books read by literary friends of friends to bring them up to scratch and both are getting five-star rating on the Amazon website

“It’s nice to see, but I’m shocked and happy at the reactions,” he said.

Darren, who is part owner of N D Motorcycles at Acton, near Sudbury, says the books are ‘dark thrillers’. Watching is about a peeping tom murderer and Death is Coming about a serial killer.