Third device discovered on Lakenheath ATM

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POLICE have reiterated advice for Lakenheath residents to be extra vigilant when using ATMs after a third theft device was discovered on a machine in the town’s high street.

A grey plastic strip was discovered covering the cash-dispensing slot on the machine for the third time this morning.

Money sticks to the grey plastic strip as it is dispensed allowing the thief to return and collect it later.

Two devices had previously been discovered on the same machine on July 31 and August 1.

Police were alerted to the latest incident after a man complained to shop staff that the ATM had not dispensed the correct amount of money.

The bank and a security company have been alerted to install more robust security measures to the machine.

Police are reminding residents to check any ATM thoroughly before use, as it may not be apparent that a device is attached.

Customers should alert the branch immediately, or contact police, if they find anything suspicious.