Thieves get ‘open invitations’ to steal

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BURY St Edmunds residents have been giving ‘open invitations’ to thieves by leaving doors and windows unlocked, say police.

Eleven out of the 17 home burglaries committed in the town since the start of May have involved some sort of insecurity at the properties, according to Bernard Plume, crime intervention officer.

During a burglary at a house, in York Road, between June 9 and 10, cash, an iPod and iPhone were stolen after the thief got in through an unlocked conservatory door. And on June 30, thieves entered through the front door of a property, in Sicklesmere Road, and stole Euros and a purse containing cash and cards.

Between June 29 and 30, offenders got into a home, in Winthrop Road, through an unlocked back window and stole a wallet and purse.

Mr Plume said: “Opportunist criminals have on several occasions been given open invitations to commit crime. It only takes a few minutes to make sure every external door and window has been shut and locked.”