Thief damages railing to beat lock on special bike

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THE owner of a distinctive bicycle is appealing for help to get it back.

Dale Batchelor had partially customised his £1,000 Orbea Dude fixed-gear road bike and used it for his daily commute from his home in Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, to Glasswells’ furniture store.

But between 10.30pm on Wednesday, August 22, and 7am the following morning somone got into the key-coded communal hall of his block of flats and damaged the stair railings to which the bike was locked to steal it.

“It’s probably still got the lock on it,” he said. “I got a good quality one.

“It’s not the value so much as the fact someone’s got my bike.”

It is matt black with carbon fibre forks and gold coloured hubs and crank arms. It has drop handle bars with a single brake lever on the right hand side, clipless pedals with gold springs a Cateye Strada speedo, Knog rear light and Continental tyres.

“It was a real eyecatcher,” he said proudly. He feels it is so distinctive that it would be easily spotted if the thief tried to use it around town.

“My hope is that someone took it just to get home and they’ve dumped it somewhere,” he said. “If anyone sees it I’d like them to get in touch with the police.”

Anyone with information can contact PCSO Medcraft at the Bury east/west SNT on 101.

A police spokesman urged cyclists to lock their bikes at all times and to something solid – not just the wheel to the frame.

The police also suggest postcode marking it so if it is stolen it is easier for police to return it if it is recovered.