‘They say they care – do they?’

Tommy Georgiou was protesting outside Natiowide in Thetford ANL-141023-155010009
Tommy Georgiou was protesting outside Natiowide in Thetford ANL-141023-155010009
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Tommy Georgiou became so angry at his insurers that he staged a one-man protest outside their Thetford branch.

Mr Georgiou says his Thetford home is still insecure five months after he was burgled and the frustration of trying to deal with his insurers, Nationwide underwritten by UK Insurance, is ‘getting me down’.

Last Friday he stood outside the Nationwide branch with posters which included the protests: “I feel like I am being victimised by my own insurance company,” and “Nationwide, what a joke! They say they care – do they?”

Burglars struck in May, breaking in through his patio doors and he says they stole his young children’s £2,900 Disneyland money and other property.

He added: “I had to screw the doors closed. The insurance company sent someone out to screw locks in and they fell out. I’m living in fear because anybody could get in with a screwdriver and if there’s a fire I’d have to stand there unscrewing my doors.

“I’ve got little kids – I don’t think its acceptable.”

He said the insurers had been unhelpful and added: “I’ve spoken to 19 different people and I’m just getting passed from pillar to post. They’re just not helping me.”

A Nationwide spokesman said: “Shortly after the claim was made, Glass Solutions visited Mr Georgiou to assess the property. On viewing the property, Glass Solutions concluded that Mr Georgiou had already made the property secure, therefore no further action was required.

“A month later, Mr Georgiou raised concerns about the security of his property and we offered to send Glass Solutions out again, which Mr Georgiou declined.

“Mr Georgiou also made a claim for stolen property. As is standard practice when dealing with a claim, we ask for proof of purchase or ownership. We are still waiting for Mr Georgiou to provide some of the required proof, which is delaying the claim.”