Thetford boy with brain injury is continuing to impress

Joshua Brooks
Joshua Brooks
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A boy who made a remarkable recovery after almost dying five years ago is continuing to impress with his achievements.

Joshua Brooks was blue-lighted to hospital after becoming completely unresponsive at the age of two.

Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks

He had contracted encephalitis from the chicken pox virus and was not expected to survive the night.

He was transferred from West Suffolk Hospital to Addenbrooke’s and back again before finally being released a week later.

But the rare condition left him with an acquired brain injury which has affected his speech and language as well as his gross and fine motor skills. He also has a sensory processing disorder and suffers with extreme fatigue.

Despite these limitations, seven-year-old Joshua has become the first Beaver at the 1st Honington RAF Scout Group in more than five years to earn six challenge badges, all 20 activity badges and eight staged activity badges.

His proud mum Judy, of Barnham, said: “Beavers was so good for him because it put him on a level with everybody else. I think it’s helped his confidence a lot.”

She said Joshua copes ‘very well’ and ‘loves life’ but is a ‘long way behind’ at school and starting to realise that he is different, but Beavers has enabled him to achieve.

“Because Beavers is not academic and everybody’s on the same level he really enjoyed it and really wanted to do the badges, and, once he could see he nearly had them all, that was it, he wanted to get them all,” she said.

“He was so determined, but he’s had to work really hard to get them because some things are a lot trickier for him to do.”

Joshua’s successes have seen him move to Cubs early, where he already has his sights set on more badges.

Mrs Brooks said: “Joshua works on an academic level of around two years below his actual age but Beavers, and now Cubs, have helped him achieve so many things. We are all very proud of him.”