Theft led police to cannabis plants

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A MAN who was arrested for theft was found to be growing his own cannabis, a court has heard.

Phillip Old, 31, of Norman Road, Bury St Edmunds, had more than 50 cannabis plants under cultivation.

At Ipswich Crown Court on Thursday, he was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, after pleading guilty to production of a class B drug and theft from a shop.

Old claimed he was cultivating the crop for his own use, but Judge Rupert Overbury said that from the way the room had been blacked-out and equipped, it appeared to have been more than that.

“This smacks of someone who is in small commercial supply,” he said.

The court heard that at the time Old had been spending £35 a day on cannabis and had an alcohol problem.

Police searched Old’s home after he was detained for a theft offence and found the plants together with hydroponic cultivation and ventilation equipment.

Judge Overbury said: “The risks of growing cannabis in a bedroom with children around are too frightening to consider.”

Old was also ordered to complete 80 hours unpaid work and drug and alcohol treatment programmes.