The young Bury St Edmunds couple who launched a magazine from their home

Rachel Ducker and Dan Bush at Bounce Magazine
Rachel Ducker and Dan Bush at Bounce Magazine
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In just over a year a couple have self financed their own magazine and raised its circulation from 500 to 7,000 – all from a spare bedroom office.

Moreton Hall couple Rachel Ducker, 27, and Dan Bush, 33, are the faces behind Bounce Magazine which continues to grow in its success.

Bounce October edition

Bounce October edition

“We are really pleased with what we have managed to do in the space of a year – and the fact that we’ve still managed to have a relationship,” said Dan.

Rachel was already running her own marketing and design agency when Dan decided that after 15 years in recruitment, he needed a new challenge.

They decided to pool their expertise to launch a lifestyle magazine that appeals to the community and showcases the work of local businesses.

Just two months later Dan sold his shares in the recruitment agency he co-owned to concentrate full-time on growing the magazine.

Bounce logo

Bounce logo

“We came up with the name Bounce because we wanted something memorable and not localised in case we decide to franchise the magazine at any point.

“It is upbeat, positive and a name that sticks in people’s minds,” said Rachel.

Over the year Rachel and Dan have grown the ‘Bounce family’ of people that regularly contribute to the magazine.

“It has been a fantastic year. Time has flown by so quickly. In this industry and soon as you get one edition out , the next one is round the corner and the work begins again.

“We have both had to make a lot of personal sacrifices to make Bounce the success it is.”

When not working on the magazine, Rachel still runs her marketing and design agency while Dan is involved in raising sponsorship for Bury Town Football Club’s move to Moreton Hall.

“We have our fingers in a lot of pies so any time we do get to have off, we try to do something really simple,” said Rachel.

Bounce’s success looks set to continue with the duo developing a number of new ideas to maintain its growth.

The magazine is free. The next copy is out November 1 – Visit