The Vitamins play hometown gig

Bury St Edmunds trio The Vitamins
Bury St Edmunds trio The Vitamins
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Bury St Edmunds trio The Vitamins are playing a hometown gig on November 17.

The band, made up of Neil Baldwin, Oliver Swift and Dick Phillips, play a mix of blues and soul with a modern twist.

Dick said the band were excited about playing in Bury again.

He said: “We do a gig in Bury St Edmunds every five or six months or so.

“We like to keep them special.

“It’s great because it is easier to get home and our friends can come along too.

“We are basically a loud blues band with some elements of soul thrown in.

“But also have a lot of distortion pedals which we use.

“We intended to do some recording a few months ago but life ended up getting in the way.

“We are aiming to have some stuff recorded by Christmas and out there for the new year.”

The Vitamins like to dress to impress when they are playing live.

And it helps that bass player Oliver is also a professional tailor.

Dick said: “We kept meeting at social functions and wondered if we could start a band and wear the suits we wear for weddings.

We realised everyone looks better in a suit than in their jeans and T-shirts.

“If you are going to go up on stage you don’t want to look like you’ve just got out of bed.

“You are dressing to impress and should try and look your best.”

The Vitamins are playing the Washing Machine night at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds on November 17.

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