Teenage hero receives award

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A Stowmarket teenager has been given a police bravery award for helping a woman who was being attacked in her home.

Brave Rhys Joseland, 15, heard screams coming from a house when he was walking home from school in April.

He said: “We ran over, went upstairs and saw a woman and a man on the floor - the man had his hands around her neck.

“I told him to let go and helped the woman downstairs.

“She was shaking and crying and was in shock.”

Rhy’s mum Lea Denny-Joseland said: “We are extremely proud of him.

“He showed tremendous courage.”

Rhys, a student at Stowmarket High School, said it was a once in a lifetime experience to receive the award.

Chief Constable Simon Ash of Suffolk police said: “Rhys Joseland was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his heroic and brave actions.

“Without his incredibly brave actions the woman could well have been subject to further assault and more severe injury.”