Ted has lucky escape as roof comes crashing in

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A PENSIONER has told how a roof came crashing in where he had been stood just minutes earlier.

Ted Haynes had just put his car into the garage and had gone through to his workshop, when storms led to a series of incidents which saw part of his house collapse on to his garage.

“I have to admit I was scared,” said Ted, who is 79.

“I was feeling so lucky that I hadn’t been hurt that afterwards I went out and bought two Lottery tickets – but only one of my numbers came in.”

The drama happened in Troston at about 2.30pm on Friday.

Storms snapped a large branch from a willow tree at the now closed Bull pub, owned by Greene King.

The branch fell on to power cables which, in turn, pulled down an electricity pole, which then pulled down part of the brickwork of Ted and Sue Haynes’ house, where they have lived together for nearly 30 years.

Bricks and live cables fell into the garage – the couple think their car is now a write off.

“I heard an almighty crash – I thought it had come from inside the house.

“I went in the back of the house thinking my wife had had an accident – in the meantime she had run around the front and was worried because she couldn’t find me,” said Ted.

“Another two courses of brickwork and it would have come down on my workshop with me still in it.”

While the freak incident left the village without electricity for several hours, it has caused ongoing problems for the couple, not least with their car insurance company which initially refused to let them have a courtesy car until their vehicle, buried inside, was recovered.

Ted is a blue badge holder while they also needed a car to take his 99-year-old mother Florence, shopping.

Eventually, the insurance company relented and the couple were given a courtsey car on Tuesday.

In the meantime, neighbour Ian Whitaker-Bethel and his wife, who run Abbey Security, loaned them a vehicle.

The couple have praised neighbours and other villagers who rallied round to their aid.

“We can’t stress enough how grateful we are to all the people that have come to help us.

“A few people offered to take us shopping or said if there is anything we need they would get it for us. They have been really great,” said Ted.

“I’m still in a state of disbelief,” said, Sue, 71. “When I woke up on Saturday I said to Ted, ‘I’m just going to go outside and have a look in case it was all just a bad dream’.”

But they both admit the nightmare could have been a lot worse.