Tanks for the memory at historic regiment

Renovated tank at Honington
Renovated tank at Honington
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A DEDICATED team of soldiers has restored a wrecked Chieftain tank as a ‘gate guardian’ at RAF Honington.

It sits at the entrance to the Tankies’ part of the airfield they share with the RAF Regiment. The team of 10 soldiers restored it as a welcome for comrades who are returning from Afghanistan and to mark the regiment’s return to tanks next year.

Soldiers from 1RTR have been filling a variety of tasks in Afghanistan, ranging from driving Mastiff six-wheel drive armoured vehicles to handling sniffer dogs.

The Chieftain was recovered from the tank training area at Lulworth, Dorset, where it had been used for training tank transporter loading. Chieftains were used from 1965 to 1995.

Capt Ian Hammond said: “They’ve done a great job It was a hulk when they got it. They’ve begged, borrowed and made parts for it.”