Supermarket supports firemen’s fund raiser

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Fund raising firemen David Starie and Paul Shattock have been given some help by Bury St Edmunds Waitrose.

The store has given the two Bury-based firemen some vouchers to raffle in aid of the two charities they are supporting, the Fire Fighters’ Charity and Arthritis Research UK.

Popping into the store in a fire engine was a lot easier than the challenge the two have set themselves.

On October 20 they plan to ‘yomp’ (march in full kit) between Newmarket and Felixstowe fire stations in full fire fighting kit, including weighty breathing apparatus.

David, a former professional boxer, said: “The fire kit is designed to insulate your body from the heat of the fire, but it works the other way, too. It won’t let the heat out.”

They are supporting Arthritis Research because Paul, an ex-Royal Marine, has a family friend whose three year old daughter has the disease.

You can sponsor them at