Suffolk sees fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour

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Latest news from the Bury Free Press
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There were fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Suffolk this Halloween compared to recent years.

This year, police received a total of 81 reports of ASB, which was a nine per cent drop on 2012 when there were 89 reports.

It was also a 49 per cent decrease on 2011 when 158 reports of ASB were recorded across the county.

Chief Inspector Jenny Powell said she believed the reduction was due to proactive work carried out by Suffolk Police.

She said: “In the run-up to Halloween and bonfire night we have worked hard with communities to ensure that anti-social disturbances are kept to a minimum.

“We have worked with young people to outline to them what constitutes anti-social behaviour and what behaviour is acceptable, as well as outlining which behaviours will not be tolerated.”

She added: “Working with local communities and businesses, we have also made sure that the vulnerable stay safe and that items that could be used to create a nuisance, such as eggs and flour, are not sold to under-16s over the period.

“Advice has been available to parents, trick or treaters, residents and businesses alike as to how they can come together as a community to ensure that the right balance was stuck at Halloween - allowing those who wanted to celebrate it to do so appropriately, whilst enabling people who did not want to be involved to be left alone.”

Additional officers were on duty and high visibility patrols were conducted throughout the county in order to deter anti-social behaviour.

Police are now looking ahead to Bonfire night and Chief Inspector Powell said she was keen for people to continue to behave considerately.

She said: “We are asking for people to continue to heed our advice for bonfire night. It’s a time when some members of the community, such as older residents and young children, can feel particularly vulnerable and find this time of year distressing.”

Anyone wanting to report ASB should call the 101 the non-emergency number.

The 999 number should be used by anyone feeling threatened, in the event of an emergency, or if a crime is in progress.

Residents are reminded that it is an offence to:

- Throw or set off fireworks in any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space

- Discharge any firearm or firework (without lawful authority or excuse) within 50 feet of the centre of a highway which consists of or comprises a carriageway

- Possess adult fireworks (all fireworks except party poppers and sparklers) in a public place by anyone under the age of 18

- Possess category four fireworks (professional display fireworks) by anyone other than a fireworks professional

- Supply adult fireworks to those under 18

There is also a curfew on the use of adult fireworks between 11pm and 7am, except on:

- Bonfire night (when the curfew is between midnight and 7am)

- New Year’s Eve (when the curfew is between 1am and 7am)

- Chinese New Year (when the curfew is between 1am and 7am)

- Diwali night (when the curfew is between 1am and 7am)

Fireworks can be used between 7am and 11pm (or 7am and midnight on November 5) but it could be an offence if they are used in such a manner as to cause a nuisance.

To find out more about ASB, visit