Suffolk County councillor calls for meeting after lorry concerns in Bardwell and Honington

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A county councilllor is to call a meeting between residents and company amid concerns that its lorries are damaging village roads.

Suffolk county councillor Joanna Spicer is to contact Enviro-Waste after concerns were raised by residents in Bardwell and Honington.



Enviro-Waste lorries have been working on Euston Estates. Residents claim the lorries have led to their roads being littered with potholes and that the HGVs chew up the grass verges.

“Nobody at the firm has done anything illegal. The lorries are perfectly entitled to be on these roads – there are no weight limits,” said Cllr Spicer.

“But it is the county council’s job to repair the roads – so it is the Council Tax-payers who have to pick up the bill .

“I have asked the county council officers to contact the Enviro-Waste MD on my behalf to set up a meeting, hopefully the week after next.

“I will be asking them whether than can either change their route, use lighter vehicles, reduce the number of vehicles – or if they cannot do any of these things, if they will make a contribution towards the road repairs.”

But she said she was against a weight restriction or lorry ban.

“It is just not feasible in my view,” she said.

David Tomlinson, a resident in Bardwell, said: “We first started to notice the tankers back in November. I have emailed the company but they have not replied.

“Our village lanes weren’t built for this.

“The Tarmac is cracking and subsiding. It is going to be full of pot holes very soon.”

He said he felt the company should pay for any damage caused by its vehicles.

Bardwell Parish Council chairman Peter Sanderson said the council was ‘concerned’ about the issue.

It discussed the problem on Tuesday night.

Lynn Plamplin, clerk to Honington Cum Sapiston Parish Council, said it had discussed the issue in November.

“Our concern is we have a very old bridge in the centre of Honington. With the size of these vehicles we are concerned in case anything should happen. It has caused some problems. In parts of the village there are pot holes,” she said.

She said it had been reported to the parish council that Enviro-Waste lorries were responsible.

The logistics manager at Enviro-Waste declined to comment or give her name when contacted by the Bury Free Press on Wednesday.