Suffolk Chamber raises concerns that A14 upgrade could see a toll tax on trade

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
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The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has raised concerns that an A14 upgrade announced by the Government, could be funded through tolling.

“We welcome the investment of £1.5b to upgrade the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge being brought forward by two years to 2016,” said Suffolk chamber chief executive John Dugmore.

“However, we need to know how this will be funded as we have immense reservations about tolling of through traffic, if indeed tolling is part of the investment solution.

“If Suffolk businesses face a toll charge every time they pass through Cambridgeshire it will be, in effect, a tax upon Suffolk’s business base and a tax upon a broader, widespread business community throughout the UK.

“Furthermore, it is a tax upon Suffolk that undermines our firms’ competitiveness in comparison to rivals elsewhere in the UK who remain unfettered by a toll upon major routes.

“There is a need for an effective mechanism for funding road schemes, but, whilst there is a view that some form of road pricing in the UK is inevitable, it must be nationally applied and, before that occurs, all other alternatives, such as PFI, ought to be fully investigated and considered.”