Students lay out their vision for school future

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PLANS for a school’s development have been laid out by some of architecture’s brightest prospects – its pupils.

Thetford Academy’s North Campus is set to be revamped after plans to move to a single site were announced in April.

With plans being drawn up, the academy’s student council was given its say on what the school should look like.

John Thornberry, lead technical adviser on the project, aided the students in their decisions.

The students were asked about their likes and dislikes of the current sites and drew up a wish list for the new plans.

A one week consultation was then set up, giving pupils from across the school a chance to see the proposals that had been put forward.

Gill Price, head of house, said: “This involvement will give our students some sense of ownership in their new school.

“It is important that they feel listened to and begin to understand that consultation is an important process in decision making, but it does not always result everything that they want.”

Top of pupils’ wish list was larger classrooms, with an added emphasis on an increase in technology to assist with learning.

A large communal area for assemblies, drama productions and events was also proposed.

Detailed drawings and plans, as well as a list of suggestions, were drawn up by the pupils.

The campus - the former Rosemary Musker site on Croxton Road - will be refurbished, with one new large building to be added.

Year 9 Pupil Jessica Cunningham said: “We want to create a school that everyone in Thetford knows because it looks great.”